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2820 E Belknap St, Fort Worth, TX 76111

Indoor Bedroom Lighting Options for Homes in Aledo & Fort Worth, TX

Every area in a house demands a different type of lighting, and bedrooms are no exception. Even various styles of bedrooms, from master bedrooms to children’s rooms, guest rooms, or home offices, deserve to have real care and consideration put into how they are lit. Here at Barrow Lighting Supply, we understand and appreciate this fact, which is why we offer a large selection of indoor residential lighting options for use in bedrooms. Visit our store in the Aledo and Fort Worth, TX area to see all that we have to offer. You can even consult with our staff of lighting experts to find the ideal solution for your particular home.

Tips to Help Find the Perfect Residential Bedroom Lighting for Comfort & Relaxation

The bedroom lighting conversation begins with layering. Layering your lights means to have multiple sources, such as a main overhead light along with accent lights and bedside lights placed strategically throughout the space. This offers not only convenience by saving you from always having to get up out of bed to walk over to a wall switch, but also customization so you create the specific level of lighting you need at a given moment. Prioritize getting the main light right first, and then once you’ve settled on that move onto tackling the bedside lamps. From there, you can determine your need for other accessory lights, such as nightlights, wall sconces, or tape lights. These different sources should have a similar brightness and color to avoid clashing, however, with warmer and softer temperatures generally being preferable for a bedroom. Dimmers can be great for achieving this as well. The direction of your bedroom lighting also has an impact, so consider uplights to reduce eye strain.

If this sounds like a lot to think about, we are here to help! Contact the team here at Barrow Lighting Supply today to set up a bedroom lighting consultation for your home in the Aledo and Fort Worth, TX area!